vaporesso renovo zero pod e cigarette

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vaporesso renovo zero

جهاز سحبة سيجاره من شركه فابريسو مميز وقوي مع بودات قابله للتعبئه

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vaporesso renovo zero

جهاز سحبة سيجاره من شركه فابريسو مميز وقوي مع بودات قابله للتعبئه

vaporesso renovo zero pod e cigarette
vaporesso renovo zero pod e cigarette

vaporesso renovo zero pod e cigarette



Introduction – The Renova Zero Pod System By Vaporesso

The Vaporesso Renova Zero is another pod mod aimed at both new users and the more experienced looking for a stealthy device.

Now, I know a lot of sub-ohmers out there who take one look at a pod system and go…”meh.” That’s what I would have done, had I not had the opportunity, as a reviewer, to actually make use of a few pod systems on a daily basis.
vaporesso pod mod mainWhether you are a sub-ohm cloud chaser or not, there is a place in your life for a pod system. One such use is if you are trying to learn tricks and can’t fill up with a nicotine enriched juice…having a pod handy, filled up with nic salts can be an absolute lifesaver.

Brought to you by the upmarket makers of the Revenger and Polar kits, the Nexus pod and a long list of other successful vaping products. The Renova Zero by Vaporesso takes the idea of a compact and stealthy fix to the next level in one neat and…almost flawless package

vaporesso renovo zero.

I freaking love pod mod vapes and, having detested the idea 6 months ago, I now refuse to leave home (or the room I am in, for that matter) without one, tuck it into your bra, in your sock, behind your ear for goodness sake, pods are just getting better and more convenient by the day. Let’s get on with this show!

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What’s In The Box

  •  xVaporesso Renova Zero Pod Mod
  •  2ml PCTG Pod with 1.0 Ohm coil installed
  •  10 ml Ejuice fill bottle
  •  x USB charge cablevaporesso pod mod contents


  • 80.2 x 31 x 13.5mm
  • 2 ml Refillable tank
  • 1 Ohm resistance
  • Built in 650mAh battery
  • 1 A charge current
  • Automatic temp control for dry hit prevention
  • 9-12 W output which is adjustable (9, 10.5 or 12W)
  • Zinc Alloy Mod
  • PCTG Pod
  • Available in green, blue, red, arctic blue, orange, rainbow, silver, white and black

Build Quality & Design

Aside from the somewhat ridiculous sign on the box stating that the product contains nicotine (an empty pod contains no nicotine you government dorks) the packaging is neat and protective, as is expected from an upstanding brand like Vaporesso.

Opening up the box I find that the pod and mod have been separated for packaging, so that the first thing I see is the base or mod and I have to dig around in the box to find the pod and put the parts together to get the full picture.

vaporesso pod mod hand 1Luckily, putting the pod and mod together is one of the simpler things in life, thanks to massive magnets on both halves, together with components that are flawlessly fitted.

Once intact, the pod looks very much like an oversized, round edged USB router.

If you put the little elongated (very elongated) oval shape in your hand with the Zero branding and power button facing up, you have the micro USB port at the bottom, so that the device can charge while laying flat

vaporesso renovo zero.

My white version of the little, good quality zinc alloy podmod has a matte and rubbery finish and a weight just shy of 50g, which means the handfeel is sturdy and solid, weighing much more than its size might lead you to expect.


The grey (on the white) branding is minimal and centralized on both the larger sides (zero on one side and Renova on the other.).

The power button (not for firing the device) doubles as a wattage adjustment tool and an LED indicator light, is small, round and at the end of the mod opposite the pod section, on the side that says ZERO.

vaporesso pod mod baseOn either narrow side the mod is 35 x 3mm long, mirror finished, chrome strip. This detail looks the bizzness and just adds a final touch of class to an already sleek and easy contoured treat.

The pod/mouthpiece is a dark tinted PCTG, which is a safe sort of hard plastic and it’s perfectly shaped for putting between your lips, very comfortable indeed!

The pod is see-through, so you can check out the level of your 2ml tank.

Removing the pod you will find the innovative and really top notch fill method at its base.


The coil can’t be changed, you need a new pod for that and, unfortunately, no extras have been included. This upsets me, I’d like to see one or even 2 extras inside. I like the inclusion of a fine tipped bottle, as depressing the little fill gasket is tricky with anything but.

How Does The Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Perform?

First up, I want to give Kudos to Vaporesso for the convenient fill system on this pod, which doesn’t leak and requires no irritating silicon stopper action. I also find the magnetized connection super slick and cool.Vaporesso Renova Zero review

Secondly, the fact that, by clicking the power button three times, I am able to vary between 3 wattage settings. This is a saviour when I’m trying a 65mg nic salt and need to make sure that my hits are smaller! This certainly wasn’t a necessary feature but it is something that sets this pod apart, in my eyes.

Furthermore, I’ve been impressed by the battery life I’m getting and the incredible charge time, which is well under 45 minutes.

vaporesso renovo zero

I really like the matte finish on my white version also, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t get scratch no matter what funky little nook I find to hide this tiny little pod.

This pod is just the right width to fit inside that little contraband pocket that most jeans and pants have, with the top sticking out for grip, I love that.

I find the battery indicator and wattage indicator effective and the button very responsive, I also can’t tell you how much I love the draw activated vape.

vaporesso pod mod mouthpieceDraw activated vaping is possibly my favourite thing about most pods coming out now and the mechanism on this one works beautifully…I’ve been draw activating like an effing trooper.

On a final note, that dry hit prevention, with the help of the little device’s automatic temp control feature, it really works. I’ve vaped a few tanks down dry and noticed a defined slump in wattage when the juice ran dry, very effective.

vaporesso renovo zero

But let’s get onto the actual vape quality, shall we? Airflow, which seems to happen through the USB port, is just perfect for Mouth to Lung (MTL) pleasure, as is the mouthpiece, no complaints there…

As much as I like the lower wattage settings for my stronger nic salts, I’d have liked to see the wattage go up to about 15W here…to improve on the vapour production just a little.

Flavour…that’s on point but we’ll cover that in detail the coil section.

How To Fill

  • Remove the pod from the mod with a pull
  • Put your juice nozzle into the little silver rimmed fill hole
  • Depress the fill port
  • Squeeze
  • Replace the pod
  • No mess
  • No fussvaporesso pod mod refill

How To Change the Coil

You will have to buy a new refillable pod for that!

Stock Coil Performance

So the little refillable pod contains a 1.0 Ohm ceramic coil, just right for MTL and wow, that tight airflow, sweet mouthpiece and ceramic coil combine to produce really nice flavour, surprising, given how low the vapour production is.

The cloud is not TERRIBLE, don’t get me wrong…it’s just not a pod that you’ll be able to bane inhale with very easily, for example. This ain’t no trick pod, lol!
vaporesso pod mod back
That said, this pod and coil is effective at delivering sweet mouth to lung with solid flavour and a little less vapour production, ie: STEALTH magic!!!

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 clicks on or off
  • Hard press power to see what colour the light is
  • Green means your vaping 12 W
  • Blue means it’s 10.5 W
  • Red means it’s 9 W
  • Clicking thrice will change your wattage setting
  • Inhale to fire your coils

Battery Life

Battery life obviously varies depending on the wattage setting you use but I get well over a day, a day and a half, or 10 hours regular vaping off a charge, plus charge is lightning fast, under 45 minutes.

You can tell the strength of your battery through the lights on the powre button when vaping, not to be confused with the Wattage settings.

Battery Strength Indicator Lights

  • Green – High (Over 70% strength)
  • Blue – Medium (30%-70% strength)
  • Red – Low (Under 30%)


  • Temp control prevents dry burn
  • Various wattage settings for diifferent juice strengths
  • Awesome flavour from ceramic coils and sweet MTL airflow
  • Great build with a classy look and handfeel
  • Convenient size and shape
  • Hassle and leak free fill method


  • I’d have liked to see the top setting raised to 15W or more, as vapour production is a little less that good.

Final Review Verdict

If you’ve spent your life wondering what the hell to put in that tiny little extra jean pocket, now you know.

The Renova Zero pod by Vaporesso is a slick and convenient stealth device that’s just perfect for toking on your nic salts in the car, at work, in the mall, in your mom’s bathroom…you name it. A beautiful little pod mod with a couple of awesome extras and innovations.

I’ll be using it for many years to come and I’m certain that it’s a top choice for cigarette quitters, trickers who need a pocket fix and office time stealthers alike, highly recommended.

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